Sparkplug Keith Turner Plays a Key July 4 Role

By Sue Pascoe, Palisadian Post

Attorney Keith Turner has won a 2010 Sparkplug Award from the Community Council for organizing the live music concert held at the Palisades High School football stadium before the Fourth of July fireworks show. “I was shocked. I didn’t even know I was nominated,” Turner, 46, said. “The award should have gone to Rob Weber because he’s done so much.” Weber was president of PAPA (Palisades Americanism Parade Association) in 2008 and 2009. The two men grew up in the Chicago area, went to Chicago-Kent College of Law and both worked for a few years at the same Beverly Hills firm after graduation. Weber urged Turner to get involved with PAPA, but Turner put him off, telling him, “Only when you’re president of the organization.” WhenWeber indeed moved up to that  position, Turner attended his first PAPA meeting…. Read the full article

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