HOA Board Director conflicts of interest (Castellammare litigation)

The Court of Appeal issued its decision affirming summary judgment in the long standing Castellammare litigation.  The action was filed in 2006 by Saied Kashani to challenge the  Castellammare Homeowners Association’s requirement that he erect story poles to determine the impact his proposed 7,000 square foot home would have on  the ocean and mountain views enjoyed by the neighbors.  Kashani also sued the adjoining property owners Doreen and Jerry Rochman, and their son Harvey Rochman who also lives in Castellammare.  Kashani claimed that the Rochmans used the influence and control as members of the Association Board to essentially deny his building plans.  In essence, the court of appeal ruled that the Rochmans did nothing wrong and affirmed summary judgment against Kashani on all causes of action.  This is an important ruling because it bears on what responsibilities directors of homeowners’ associations have to association members.

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